Plan B - Equipment Options

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for meeting OSHA noise standard and computerized reports for management

Plan B - This plan would include the purchase of an audiometer and sound treated booth which involves a one-time cost that can be itemized as follows:



If noise levels are excessive (above 70dBA) based upon a noise survey in the area designated for the booth, a larger booth such as the IAC 400 Maxi (SPA saver) with improved sound attenuation characteristics may be required at an approximate cost of $5,195.00.

Audiometric Baseline Consulting will assist you in selecting the most appropriate audiometer and sound treated booth for your program.

A modified Plan B would assume that the audiometer and sound treated booth have already been purchased by the company, and only the analysis of the audiometric test results is required. The cost for computer interpretation varies dependent upon the number of employees included in the hearing testing program. The following schedule will assist you in calculating the cost of utilizing the computer reports in your hearing conservation program.

# Employees

*Cost/audiogram analysis




ABC would review and analyze all completed audiograms and provide management with computer reports at some predetermined time period.

The reports would include:

  1. Management action report
  2. Developing loss report
  3. Hearing loss report
  4. OSHA standard shift report
  5. Referral report
  6. Retest report
  7. Employee notification report

These reports provide documenation and directives regarding the effective implementation of a hearing conservation program.

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