Audiometric Baseline Consulting

2754 South Park Road

Bethel Park, Pa. , 15102

Telephone# (412) 831-0430 or FAX (412) 835-9099

Roger M. Angelelli, Ph. D.

Licensed Industrial Audiologist
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Dr. Angelelli started his industrial business in 1972, calling it ABCON Associates. He worked with another audiologist and together, they taught CAOHC courses and provided audiogram analysis. In 1979, Dr. Angelelli's partner left ABCON and the company's name changed to Audiometric Baseline Consulting.

ABC's current emphasis includes audiogram analysis through his personalized computer system, noise monitoring and CAOHC courses. ABC receives audiograms from Southwestern Pennsylvania and surrounding states. As well as these services, ABC also provides audiometer calibration and sound-field (ambient noise) measurements.

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